Build The Skills To Enjoy A Calm, Confident and Stress-Free Birth

But before you get started, read ‘7 Things You Must Know BEFORE You Do A Hypnobirthing Course’

A Calm, Comfortable Birth Is Waiting For You

Feel empowered and confident

You and your partner will develop a positive mindset about pregnancy as something to be embraced and enjoyed

Work with your partner

Your partner will learn techniques to support and advocate for you through your birth

Release natural hormones

Hypnobirthing teaches you how to release endorphins, your body’s natural pain relieving hormones

Learn From A Hypnobirthing Australia
Certified Practitioner

The word “certified” gets thrown around a lot in the Hypnobirthing industry, but it doesn’t always mean what you think it means.


Not all Hypnobirthing programs are created equal. Some courses are touted as “certified” when really, they are not registered through the appropriate channels.


In contrast, the Hypnobirthing Australia Program is the only legal Hypnobirthing trademark registered in Australia. Our courses are recognised at the highest standard in the country and have been specifically designed for our Australian models of care.


So rest assured, your Hypnobirthing practitioner is trained to the highest Australian standards.

95% Of Our Couples Have
A Positive Birth Experience

That is according to our postnatal survey.


Because you will learn natural, proven techniques that reduce fear, our Hypnobirthing course prepares you to experience a calm, stress-free birth.


It will put you in the driver’s seat to leave you feeling confident and empowered about your exciting birth journey.

Over 500 Educated Couples And Counting

Since 2017, we’ve educated more than 500 Hypnobirthing couples.


The reasons why so many people choose us are our comfortable, open learning environments, full certification, positive birth experiences, and ongoing support after your pregnancy.


After completing our Hypnobirthing course, you will join the vanguard of positive birthing in Australia.

Learn To Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Our learning method starts with a comfortable environment.


We take vital skills and knowledge, and break them apart into simple components for you to practice.


Gradually, your confidence will grow stronger and your fear will be alleviated.


When you enter the world of labour, your knowledge and skills developed will reduce stress, fear and pain, and allow you to enjoy a calm and comfortable birth – whether it be natural or caesarean.

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